# (A Sad) MontanaMoment

If you’re in Seattle you’ve probably seen billboard advertisements highlighting the beauty of Montana, with a #MontanaMoment.. One billboard shows a herd of bison roaming a Yellowstone landscape. Ironically, bison don’t really roam free as the advertisement suggests.

Let Bison Roam

In response, our campaign, alongside the Gallatin Wildlife Association authored an op-ed in the Seattle Times. We argue how “Science, economics, public opinion and common sense make clear that opening up significant year-round bison habitat in areas without livestock conflicts is the logical path forward. Doing so would give the state more management options and flexibility. More fair-chase hunting opportunities would be created. Fewer taxpayer dollars would be wasted on unnecessary hazing, capture and slaughter. Wild bison would finally be allowed to roam portions of Montana, bringing ecological and economic benefits and sharing the landscape with all of the other wild animals that call Montana home.”

Tourism is the money maker in Montana, representing 70% of the State’s revenue (Lamar Advertising). It makes sense that the State is targeting cities with residents who would be enticed by beautiful landscapes and scenes of wildlife. What doesn’t make sense is the State’s treatment of bison.

Governor Steve Bullock has the authority to allow the bison to roam. So why hasn’t he yet?



Kiersten Iwai is the Sierra Club’s GYE campaign’s newest organizer. Questions, comments, want to help out? Contact her at kiersten.iwai@sierraclub.org.





One thought on “# (A Sad) MontanaMoment

  1. Great Op-Ed Bonnie, especially as the Seattle Times reaches, well a hell of a lot more folks than live near bison habitat. Thanks for covering this nonsensical “policy” in the GYE blog as well, good digs for engaging discussions with follow-ups.

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